The Black Throne

by PhotOmega

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Depute EP for the Canadian groove metal duo Richard and James Hutchinson


released April 28, 2014



all rights reserved


PhotOmega Fernie, British Columbia

PhotOmega is a collaborative music project from brothers in metal Richard and James Hutchinson.

Sponsored by Pure Metal Collective.

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Track Name: Intraoperative Awareness
Awake but not aware, fluorescence floods my view.
Blinded, this inconvenience masks the realization of my circumstance.

Cloud-like figures shift above me, murmuring in neutral tones.
A ghostly chill in my core rends this dream into a grim reality.

Masked faces veil the light.
I can’t gasp a single word.
Every muscle paralyzed.
A high pitched whine is heard.

All at once a searing pain is felt, as flesh becomes one with steel and bone.
I am helpless to cease this marriage, as every nerve screams…

This can’t be happening,
I scream inside my brain.
Trapped inside this cage of flesh.
No means to signal pain.

Heavy steel hands are forced inside, the fresh wound and expanded.
Wider and tighter and wider and tighter.
The chill air of the small room rushes into my open chamber.

The rib cage split wide open, bones bending right to their limits.
Stretching and cracking and stretching and cracking.
The feeling as my organs grow colder makes me want to fucking vomit.

Laid out like butchered meat, tubes are attached.
The pounding beat of my heart dies like a burning match.

I overhear a voice.
“I’m not prepared for this.”

“There’s no turning back now,
Just give it your best shot.”

Clamps are applied, a scalpel descends.
Slicing the vital ties, with a shaky hand.

The scent of burning flesh assails my nostrils.
The pain is indescribable.
One last pull and it’s all over.

A noise is heard
Panic Takes hold
as the pump breaks
and kills all hope
of my success.

My blood stops flowing
Soon my brain will die
There is no hope left
I don’t want it to

Vital signs dropping,
My organs shut down.

Mechanical failure, doomed this procedure.
The outdated equipment had less life left in it than I

Old habits die hard…

and so do patients.

Pitch black, I feel the hands of death pull me closer.
Dizziness gives way to nothingness,
as I cease…
Track Name: The Black Throne
Wrapped in the sheet between dimensional loam.
Awoken from 10,000 years cold slumber to rise again.

This prospect unforgotten, all must be reclaimed.
Every single atom is doomed to return to the void of my throat.

All of creation accelerates as my visage begins to take shape.
The laws of physics deteriorate at the very sight.

Darkness shall be prevalent to fill the great abandon
that is true nothingness that I leave in my wake.

Embodiment of the hollow, crushing all absoluteness.
I am the God of the Null, but one of my faces.

All shall cease to exist because I exist to cease.
No need for memories, the data no longer applies.

Mortal minds can’t comprehend all is irrelevant.
The result is what it means to never have existed.

All things must come to an end, beginnings aren't exempt.
I am the voice of discord. Reality dissolves.

Do not fear, this is true order forged from chaos.
The slate shall be wiped clean. This is true order.

Reduce entire galaxies to their baser fragments.
No possible escape from the Great Negator.

These astral superstructures are just a catalyst
for my undying hunger to dismantle and erase.


Try to understand, that words describing me fail.
All tales accounting me shall end.
Any semblance of cognition shall be rended from the mind.
No need to complicate the purest state of emptiness.

Reality eternally consumed beyond deaths recognition, without escape.

I will never rest until only black remains.
Absolute neutrality is my objective.

Subconscious Collapsing.

Reality eternally consumed beyond deaths recognition, without escape.

Before I return to slumber, I’ll ingest every failure.
Track Name: Interlude (It's All Our Fault)
Track Name: Ghost Poem
Fell through the cracks, I’ve reached the end of my rope
but you won’t find my shell at the bottom of the well.
I walk with broken feet along the shattered edge.
This is the longest stretch, the ever-breaking…


Breath held ‘til time stops, but who’s keeping track
when all the clocks are broken? Better left unspoken.
Barren words crumble into the sky above.
Response, or lack thereof, disposes of the…


This paradox breathes every ounce of rust.
Feeling pressure as the synapses writhe.
The skin deep worms have yet to earn their trust.
Bleeding tears straight from the serpents mouth.

Diluted by the taste.
Cold fingers twitch in place.
Grinding the teeth and scraping the blister.

Horizon collapses, time lapses form anew.
Consumed to cessation, elation torn from view.

The mind contests in a one horse race, but it’s beaten half to death.

Nails peeled back, exposing what I am.
Cerebral tar of malcontent.
Pulsating black conduits from the grave
forming the strings of animation.


Diluted by the taste.
Cold fingers twitch in place.
Grinding the teeth and scrapes the blister.
Track Name: Consume
Silence the conscience in your mind.
This new design.
fog so heavy it chokes and blinds,
deep in the mine.

Dragging those below and beneath,
no mystery.
Powers that persuade the body,
to atrocity

Scraping the food from hungry mouths,
This contract forged from sweat and tears.
Pocket full of dental fillings in a room of empty grimaces.
Don’t forget I’m there to pull the strings.
And when you can’t sleep at night just remember that it’s only me.

Your blood is my water and lies are my air
feel the hole in your chest don’t forget that I’m always there.

This new design.
Fog so heavy it chokes and blinds,
deep in the mine.

Dragging those below and beneath,
no mystery.
Powers that persuade the body
to atrocity.

Open wide!
It must be hard to see the light through a halo of vultures
It’s easy to be indifferent to the suffering of others
when your eyes are made of diamonds and your throne is made of the fucking dead.

The hunger of one man will starve a thousand more.
Feed me your despair.

Every man every child every bastard
kneel before your eternal master.
What doesn’t stop you only kills you faster.
Kneel before your monument to


Let your shit be your tomb.
Stay blind.
Take your place back in line.
Track Name: King Cancer

Cellular influence.
Developing rapidly.

I am the epitome of evolution’s gamble.
This host has served me well, but now my time has come.

It is my destiny to ascend beyond
every other epidemic.

I’m thinking big.

My time has finally come to become terminal.

All who stand in my way
shall be wholly consumed to death.

Don’t turn around, I hit the ground running.
Avert your eyes from what I’m becoming.
I’m volatile in nature and cunning.
Avert your eyes from what I've become.

Those who know my name know true loss.

I am the one who ate the atmosphere.
The one who slaughtered brothers for gold.
I am the one who ruptured the atom.
God-complex parasite.

My diseased influence will destroy all it touches,
until my host is dead, then I’ll spread across the cosmos.

All hail King Cancer,
All hail King fucking Cancer.